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Legalink Conference

Laurence Keenan of Laurence Keenan Advocates & Solicitors will be flying the flag for the Isle of Man at the forthcoming Legal Conference to be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

The Conference is to be hosted by Legalink, an International Network of Law Firms which has its financial roots and administration in the Isle of Man.

Laurence Keenan Advocates & Solicitors have been a Member for some twenty years, during which time there have been a number of referrals between Member firms in relation to Isle of Man matters.

In addition, a number of Members from the across the globe have travelled to the Island in connection with such referrals.

Laurence Keenan said “we are fortunate in the past twenty years to have engaged in some ongoing work with various Members in the Network. This has varied from estate administration where an Isle of Man family had to take action in Portugal, through to a multi-jurisdiction collapse of a fund.”

At the meeting in Ho Chi Minh there will be an opportunity to present on the Isle of Man and what it “can do” and to plan for the future.  A number of private and public sector individuals and companies are often represented at such Conferences, and in Ho Chi Minh there will be an opportunity to develop the appetite for the next Legalink Conference.  This is to take place in Liverpool in May 2013, which will lend itself to a strong focus being placed on the Isle of Man.

Laurence Keenan said “our aim at each meeting is to ensure that Legalink Members are aware of not only our location but our hard earned reputation and willingness to do business.”

For more information regarding Legalink, contact Laurence Keenan Advocates & Solicitors at or alternatively you may visit the Laurence Keenan Advocates & Solicitors website or the Legalink website

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